Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 1 Rincon; Reef Restoration Program Recommences in Rincon for the 2011/12 Season

When you see this container be sure to use it to recycle!
This past Saturday more than 60 people participated in the chapter's first reef restoration event of the 2011/12 season in Rincon.  The activities included cleaning the beach from the Balneario to Steps, a nearshore survey of the Elkhorn coral colonies in the southern portion of the reserve, and spray painting recycling containers that are being donated to area schools and businesses to help increase municipal recycling and to prevent more debris from entering our oceans.  This is a pilot project that we are starting in conjunction with this year's reef restoration program in Rincon.  With project funds, the chapter is purchasing recycling bins, painting them, and donating them to whomever is interested in boosting their recycling efforts.  All Metal Container Equipment (AMEC) of Arecibo and the Municipality of Rincon is collaborating with us on this project.  If you own a business in the area, or are interested in helping to enhance recycling in our local schools, please contact us about getting some more containers. 

A special thanks goes out to All Metal Equipment Containers (AMEC) of Arecibo for providing us the containers, the municipality of Rincon for their collaboration in this project, Pratt Institute of New York, MAS Integrated School of Anasco, and Club 4H Urayo of Anasco, for all of your help this past Saturday.  You guys rock!

Saturday's stats:
60 participants
Collected 200 pounds of debris along the shoreline
Surveyed 1 km of nearshore coastline
Painted (1) 2 yard container and 5 95 gallon containers
Donated our first 95 gallon container to Club Nautico de Rincon

This is a photo of our beautiful freshly painted marine debris container.  The animals serve as a reminder to us as to why we are working to remove and prevent marine debris from entering our oceans.  

Students from MASIS

This is a picture of the group of architectural graduate students from Pratt enjoying their masterpieces.  The students graciously created all the stencils that were used on Saturday to paint the containers.  These same stencils will be used to paint more containers in the future.  

Having fun with stencils and spray paint all in the name of recycling

Club 4H Urayo of Anasco

Stoked to participate and protect Puerto Rico's resources for the future
This is a diagram of the survey a group of 15 snorkelers did this past Saturday.  I'm happy to report that all of the large Elkhorn colonies that I am familiar with in this portion of the reserve were debris free.  The only items we found were a block and a bunch of fishing line smothering a soft coral.  The fishing line was removed, but the block will have to be with the boat.   

Contact Wessley Merten at 787-436-8300 or for more information on helping out in this coral reef restoration and marine debris prevention and removal effort.