Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marias Beach and Reef Cleanup

September 20th 2008

(en spanish)

Nearshore Work Day 3

Today was International Coastal Cleanup Day sponsored by Scuba Dogs. There were coastal cleanups held all around the island and two cleanups in Rincon; one was at Corcega, and another at Marias hosted by the Surfrider Foundation Rincon. We setup at Marias at 8 am with a booth, music, and all of our debris removal equipment (Kayaks, surfboards, etc). We had a great turnout. People helped clean the beach both north and south from Marias. In an hour cleaning the beach we collected the following; 3 paper bags, 100 plastic bags, 71 plastic bottles, 74 glass bottles, 50 cans, 40 beer bottles, 6 shoes, 60 plastic spoons/forks, 14 plastic ring holders for cans, 6 plastic jugs, 50 feet of fishing line, 3 oil bottles, 6 feet of rope, 4 cigarette packs, 2 cement blocks, 140 lb engine, 3 syringes, and lastly 5 personal hygiene products including condoms, tampons, and maxi pads.




The volunteers who helped clean the beach are as follows: Stacey Williams, Katie Flynn, Dennis Ritch, Carol Ritch, Tyler Ritch, Freyda Zell, Annette Blasini, Braulio Quintero, Oliver Bencosme, Roberto Ortiz, Fernando Ortiz, Steve Tamar, and Pauco Font.


photos by: O.Bencosme

After the beach cleanup these volunteers helped the reef by removing debris from 6 Elkhorn coral colonies, marking waypoints on 4 tires that will be removed with the boat, and collecting more miscellaneous debris. Thank you!

If anyone is interested in helping out in our community effort to purify the beach and reef environments of Rincon, please contact me (Wess) at 401-258-4627 or at

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