Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reserva Marina Tres Palmas Cleanup

November 15, 2008

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Offshore work day #2

Today a crew of 5 cleaned the marine reserve. We extracted tires, cut cable off of reef, removed an old engine block, and picked up trash. The weather and visibility of the water cooperated with our efforts. Below is a photo of Tsunami.


We started off the day by tow-boarding through the reserve looking for debris.
Once we found a tire, some cable, or trash we free-dove, or used scuba, to extract it.
An engine block was the find of the day. Below is a photo of one bag of trash removed in just a few moments while diving.


Katie was overwhelmed with all the trash and was wondering how many more bags we could fill.


Here is Fernando ‘tow-boarding.’


Contact me (Wess Merten) at 401-258-4627 or for more information on helping out in this coral reef restoration and marine debris removal effort.

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