Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanks to our participating Surf Companies!

The chapter would like to thank all of the surf companies participating in the chapter's coral reef restoration program.  The companies in the image above have donated backpacks, clothing, stickers, surf gear, and more to be given to the participating students throughout the semester at various events.  It is with their help that the chapter can encourage local students, community stakeholders, and businesses to come together to decrease the amount of plastic and other debris in and entering our world's oceans.  Below are two short clips of some students saying thanks to Roxy and Oneway Boardshop during recent events at their schools.  

Thanks Roxy!!

Thanks Oneway Boardshop!

In the links above, students participating in the Surfrider Foundation Rincon chapter's coral reef restoration program say thanks to project partners, Roxy and Oneway Boardshop, for providing some great gear given out as prizes at a recent event promoting the protection of our waves, oceans, reefs, and beaches in Puerto Rico.  The students are participating with the chapter in beginning efficient marine debris prevention programs within their schools to reduce the amount of  plastic and other debris that make it to the ocean along the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Aside from recycling and become eco-ambassadors for their communities, the students are also helping the chapter by installing recycling bins along area beaches, doing beach cleanups, and removing tires and other debris off of the reef.  The chapter would like to thank, Roxy, Oneway boardshop, Creatures of Leisure, FCS, Gorilla, and Headhunter for their donation of all of their great products to this program to be used as an incentive to encourage participating students to help out more.  Thanks!  

Contact Wessley Merten at 787-436-8300 or for more information on helping out in this coral reef restoration and marine debris removal effort.

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