Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finalization of the 2008/09 Coral Reef Project

Finalization of the 2008/09 Coral Reef Project

6 12 2009

Recently, Captain Pauco and I monitored the area we covered during this past years marine debris removal and coral reef restoration project and found more debris. Though the frequency of discovery of the debris was reduced we still managed to find 12 tires, 7 areas of cable/rope, a derelict trap, a battery, and some clothing smothering corals. We think that these tires may have been uncovered by currents and wave activity shifting the sediments and revealing the debris during this past spring. Other items may have been brought in by currents, overlooked previously, or dumped recently illegally. To report any illegal dumping of marine debris around Puerto Rico please call the Department of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance (Cuerpo de Vigilantes) at 1-787-999-2200.


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